Aussies Pickers have been picked

Down to earth charm … Lucas Callahan and Adam McDonald will host Aussie Pickers.Foxtel has named the two hosts for its Aussie Pickers reality series – an auctioneer and a compulsive collector whose greatest find (so far) is a Cat in the Hat book he bought for 50 cents and sold for $18,000. Lucas Callahan (he of the book) and Adam McDonald (former bricklayer, hip-hop MC and now auctioneer) will host the series, to be produced by Shine and due to air on Foxtel’s A&E channel in 2013. A&E general manager, Jim Buchan, says: ”Aussie Pickers is as much about the personalities as the picks they find and we think our audience is going to fall in love with their down-to-earth, authentic charm.” Also joining the team is auctioneer Cecily Hardy, who has worked ”in and around auction houses since she was five years old” and at 21 was the youngest female furniture auctioneer in Sydney.

Controversial comedy

The controversial BBC comedy Citizen Khan, about a ”self-appointed Muslim community leader” and his family living in England, is to run on Channel Seven in 2013. The series, billed as ”outrageous” by Seven and ”tasteless, insulting, bigoted” and more by opponents, follows a Pakistani-born businessman who confronts (and often reinforces) stereotypes through a series of linked sketches. The show was one of the BBC’s biggest successes for this year, gathering an audience of 3.7 million viewers at its premiere and landing as the sixth highest rated sitcom in Britain for 2012, but it divided British Muslims, with some accusing it of reinforcing a negative perception and others glad to see their community on screen.

Molly back in the ring

The 1980s superstar Molly Ringwald is to revisit the characters that made her famous – sort of – in a new role about a woman who returns to her home town to confront the issues of her past. Variety reports Ringwald is developing a series for the Lifetime network where she will play ”a character evocative of the type of persona she [Ringwald] rose to fame playing in John Hughes pics, such as Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles.” The actor, who currently stars in the drama The Secret Life of the American Teenager, will also be the executive producer of the as-yet-unnamed drama, with production hopefully under way next year.

Seven builds new rules

Seven has confirmed it’s latest foray into the home renovation reality world, House Rules, is to be hosted by Better Homes and Gardens’ Johanna Griggs. The series, which will ask six homeowners to let amateur renovators have a crack at transforming their home – with no input as to how it’ll turn out – is due to air early 2013. House Rules will be produced by the same team that make My Kitchen Rules.

Simpsons fails to cast spell

Priscilla Presley says The Simpsons is ”not good for kids” and should be banned. Asked by the US Stylist magazine what she would do if she was ”Queen of Everything”, she skipped ending poverty or saving the planet to dump on the cartoon. ”I’d have to ban The Simpsons,” she says. ” It’s not good for people’s moral compass. It’s OK for adults as we can put it all together, but it’s not good for kids and I think we need to bring back something more family orientated like Leave it to Beaver.” Presley is now playing the Wicked Witch in a London pantomime.

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